Featured Product - Motorola's Newest Radio! The DP3661e

The DP3661e is a display and limited keypad version of the popular DP3441e. The display and keypad allows users to send and receive text messages, view a battery life status, perform front panel programming, offer a notification list and complete channel and radio settings. The radio also offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GNSS, TIA certification, an IP68 rating and a full fleet of accessories including a high capacity battery.


  • VHF (136-174MHz); UHF (403-527MHz)
  • 1000 channels
  • Large Full-colour, 5-line display
  • Easy-to-use menu navigation keys enable intuitive user interface
  • 4 programmable buttons to improve ease-of-use and increase operator efficiency
  • Tri-colour LED for clear visual feedback on radio operating status
  • Emergency button & Emergency Calls
  • Quick, easy-to-use Group, Individual and All-call capability
  • Digital Phone Patch capability
  • PTT ID
  • Remote Monitor features
  • Channel scanning schemes
  • Basic / Enhanced Privacy
  • AES256 Encryption via Software Purchase
  • VOX Capability
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Lone Worker
  • Over the Air Programming (OTAP)
  • 5 Tone Signaling
  • Option Board Capability
  • Integrated GNSS (GPS and GLONASS)
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 LE for wireless and data
  • Integrated Wi-Fi (OTA Software Updates and ADK) via Software Purchase
  • Integrated man-down via Software Purchase
  • Indoor Location Tracking via Software Purchase
  • Intelligent Audio
  • IP68 & TIA Certified
  • Direct Mode (including Dual Capacity Direct Mode)
  • IP Site Connect (Single and Multi-Site)
  • Capacity Plus (Single and Multi-Site)
  • Capacity Max via Software Purchase
  • Memory enhancement (128MB RAM & 256MB Flash memory)
  • IMPRES battery support


These resources are currently available for the DP3661e:

  • The DP3661 Data Sheet HERE
  • The DP3661 Highlights Sheet HERE
  • The DP3661e Launch Presentation HERE
  • The DP3441 / DP3441e / DP3661e Accessory Guide HERE
  • The DP3441 / DP3441e / DP3661e Basic Service Manual HERE
  • The DP3441 / DP3441e / DP3661e Quick Reference Guide HERE
  • The New Motorola Radio Matix including the DP3661e HERE
  • The  Programming Software can be downloaded by registered Dealers from our Software Section
  • Marketing images, email banners and posters are available, please email Sarah if you would like access to these


The DP3661e radios are live to purchase HERE and there are some launch packs available. Please contact us for these

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