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Motorola Launch New Long Range Bluetooth RSM with Battery & Belt Clip

Added 23.03.15

This device is perfect for two way radio users that need the freedom to move around their vehicle or Control Room and keep in touch. This wireless remote speaker mic (RSM) can be purchased separately or as part of a kit and it will connect to a Bluetooth gateway microphone (PMMN4097). The gateway microphone looks like a standard fist microphone with a coiled lead and this plugs into the front of the DM radio. The microphone can be used as normal. However, this microphone also includes the Bluetooth gateway and allows the Bluetooth RSM to 'Quick Connect.' Radio users can then roam away from the radio using the wireless RSM and distances of up to 100m can be achieved.

Motorola's 'Quick Connect' feature for Bluetooth allows the 2 pairing devices to join automatically by holding them in close proximity. This fast and efficient process is very easy to use and involves no button presses. There is also an audio voice confirmation that the pairing has been successful.

It is possible to order separate components or, a kit is available which comprises of a Wireless RSM, Gateway Microphone and an In-car charger (MDRLN6551). It is also possible to connect these devices to non-Bluetooth mobiles as the gateway microphone provides the wireless connectivity for the radio.