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Microphones - GM Series

Visor Mounted Microphone


  • Placed on the sun-visor or headlining above the driver, it is used instead of a hand held microphone.
  • Use with any of the following: Emergency footswitch, footswitch PTT, gooseneck PTT or push button PTT.
RRP - £14.10
Dealer Price - £14.10

Telephone Style Handset


  • Operation: Transmit & receive
  • PTT: Yes
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Note: For use with MTM800 Enhanced Mobile an additional junction box GMLN5089B is required.
RRP - £145.00
Dealer Price - £145.00

Universal Hang-Up Clip


  • Allows users to hang-up the microphone.
RRP - £3.15
Dealer Price - £3.15

GM Enhanced Compact Microphone


  • Provides basic push-to-talk functionality.
RRP - £33.50
Dealer Price - £33.50

GM Enhanced Keypad Microphone


  • Includes a full keypad that enables you to dial phone numbers from the mic.
  • The mic has 3 customisable buttons that can be programmed with any of the control head features.
RRP - £67.00
Dealer Price - £67.00

GM Heavy Duty Headset


  • For users who want a more durable mic.
  • Ideal for those who need a larger mic that is easy to handle with gloves on.
RRP - £39.90
Dealer Price - £39.90

Emergency Footswitch


  • Easily and secretly triggers an emergency signal that is sent to the base station.
RRP - £60.00
Dealer Price - £60.00

Pushbutton Push-to-Talk


  • They enable users to operate their mobile radios with remote press to talk facilities & customise their two-way communications to suit various market applications.
RRP - £18.80
Dealer Price - £18.80

Gooseneck Push-to-Talk


  • Placed near the gear stick or the steering wheel column, it connects to the radio to provide a remote PTT.
RRP - £33.00
Dealer Price - £33.00