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Software - SL4000

Programming Cable (Micro USB)


  • Cable to allow radio programming
RRP - £9.00
Dealer Price - £9.00



  • Software DVD including CPS, Tuner, AirTracer Software, Radio Management.
  • The latest software will be sent unless specified
RRP - £110.00
Dealer Price - £110.00

MOTOTRBO Radio Management Licence Key


  • CANCELLED PRODUCT - no longer required since version 2.1.17 for adding devices to the server
RRP - £0.00
Dealer Price - £0.00

Permanent BT Feature Licence Key - Zonith


  • Activates Permanent Bluetooth (BT) Discoverable Mode in DP3xx1/e, DP4x01/e, SL40x0/e/2600 Series. Enables Bluetooth “Always On” mode to be configured in a Bluetooth capable portable radio.
RRP - £20.00
Dealer Price - £20.00

AES Privacy Feature Licence Key - Export Controlled Item


  • End user details required with order.
  • Activates the AES Privacy feature in a DP3xx1/e / DP4x0x/e, DP4000 Ex, SL40x0/e, DM4x0x/e, 256 bit encryption solution for voice & data in digital mode.
RRP - £190.00
Dealer Price - £190.00

Text to Speech Feature Licence Key


  • Activates Text to Speech in DP3xx1/e, DP4x0x/e, DP4x0x Ex, SL40x0/e, DM4x0x/e
  • Text to Speech generates the voice announcement using a speech algorithm in the MOTOTRBO Radio.
RRP - £8.00
Dealer Price - £8.00

Capacity Max Full Subscriber License Key


  • Activates the Capacity Max system capability of the radio
RRP - £80.00
Dealer Price - £80.00

Single Input Noise Cancellation (SINC+) - Licence Key


  • Activates (SINC+) feature in DP2x00/e, DP3xx1/e DP4x0x/e, SL40x0/e/2600 & DM2000 DM4x0x/e Series radios. Enhanced noise suppression using standard microphone than expensive dual microphones.
RRP - £10.00
Dealer Price - £10.00

Wi-Fi - Licence Key


  • Activates the WiFi feature in the DP4401e, DP4801e, DP3xx1e, DM4401e, DM4601e, SL4000e/2600 and, SL4010e radios
  • Provides connectivity to Wi-Fi networks for fast & secure exchange of large volumes of data
RRP - £33.00
Dealer Price - £33.00

Authenticated Radio Disable - Licence Key


  • Activates feature in DP3xx1/e, DP4x0/e, DP4x01 Ex, DP4x01 Ex Ma, SL40x0/e, DM4x0x/e
  • Authentication procedure ensures that target radios can only be disabled by authorised radios/users
RRP - £33.00
Dealer Price - £33.00

Transmit Inhibit - Licence Key


  • Activates Transmit Inhibit feature in DP3xx1/e, DP4x0x/e, DP4x01 Ex, DP4x01 Ex Ma, SL40x0/e, DM4x0x/e
  • Feature permits user to place radio in a mode whereby it will not transmit any long range RF energy
RRP - £13.00
Dealer Price - £13.00

Integrated Mandown - Licence Key


  • Activates the integrated Man Down in DP4401e, DP4601e, DP4801e, DP3xx1e, SL4000e & SL4010e
  • Feature uses radios integrated accelerometer to support Man Down operation without an option board
RRP - £30.00
Dealer Price - £30.00

Software Value Pack 1 - Licence Key


  • Text to Speech & SINC+ activation in DP3xx1/e, DP4x0x/e, DP4x01 Ex, DP4x01 Ex Ma, SL40x0/e, DM4x0x/e Series. Text to Speech generates voice announcements
  • SINC+ enhanced noise suppression using standard microphone
RRP - £13.00
Dealer Price - £13.00

Indoor Location Tracking - Licence Key - I-Beacon


  • This orders the Licence Key to activate the Indoor Location feature in the DP4401e, DP4601e, DP4801e, DP3xx1e, DM4401e, DM4601e, SL4000e/10e/2600 radios.
RRP - £35.00
Dealer Price - £35.00

Received Audio Leveling - Licence Key


  • Activates the Received Audio Leveling feature in a DP1400, DP2x00/e, DP3xx1/e DP4x0x/e, SL40x0/e/2600, DM1x00, DM2000 DM4x0x/e series
RRP - £10.00
Dealer Price - £10.00

Mute Mode - Licence Key


  • Activates the Mute Mode feature in DP2x00/e, DP3xx1/e DP4x0x/e, DP4x0x Ex, DP4x0x Ex Ma, SLx600, SL40x0/e, DM2000 DM4x0x/e series
  • Provides a quick way to mute a radio
RRP - £8.00
Dealer Price - £8.00

Response Inhibit - Licence Key


  • Activates Response Inhibit feature in DP2x00/e, DP3xx1/e DP4x0x/e, DP4x0x Ex, DP4x0x Ex Ma, SLx600, SL40x0/e, DM2000 DM4x0x/e series. Mode with no outgoing transmissions to unsolicited incoming transmissions.
RRP - £16.00
Dealer Price - £16.00