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Digital Voting

How It Works

Often the outbound power from a central repeater can be set higher than can be achieved by the inbound handportables. Take a scenario where a vehicle radio system needs some handportable coverage as well. The portable can hear the repeater but can’t access it. With digital voting activated in the transmitting repeater (Central Voting Repeater), you can now install satellite base stations (DR/MTR3000) in receive-mode only and link these back to the Central Voting repeater over IP. The Central Voting repeater will then vote the strongest signal from the satellite receivers. This provides increased radio coverage for your inbound radios.

The Digital Voting is available to all MOTOTRBO radios including the DP/DM3000 Series, but excluding the DP/DM1000 Series. It also caters for all system architectures including single site, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus.

Implementing the system is carried out by installing a digital voting licence at the Central Voting repeater for each site and then adding the satellite repeaters.

HKVN4240 - Digital Voting Licence for DR3000
HKVN4238 - Digital Voting Licence for MTR3000

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