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SMC Gateway

Product Description


The SMC gateway is a versatile device which allows you to connect multiple devices and write programs to control how they talk to each other. It allows you to expand the functionality of your existing radio system and add features such as alarm monitoring and simple location tracking. It can connect multiple technologies including, Radio Systems, Fire Alarms, VoIP phones, GSM dongles, LED signs & webpages to each other. Advanced application builder allows you to easily create your own programs for any function you can imagine.

Examples of systems we have created are connecting the radio system to fire alarms, voltage monitoring, ARS monitoring, connecting the radio system to tide times and having the times text back to the user, sending wind speed information to cranes for construction safety and the list can go on!

The SMC Gateway allows system integrators to build customer specific, application solutions without the need to install PCs and expensive software. It offers great connectivity to the MOTOTRBO portfolio.

RadioTrade can provide In-House training and assistance with flow programming in addition to programming ideas. Please see the ideas list below.




Key features of MOTOTRBO radio are available through the gateway:

  • Text Messaging to and from radio systems
  • Email using SMTP & POP Services
  • GSM Text Messaging via USB GSM Dongle
  • Alert Calls
  • GPS Location Reports
  • Radio Registration Events (ARS/RRS)
  • Voltage Monitoring via the Power Input
  • Third Party Connectivity via TCP/UDP sockets, HTTP requests/posts, External Databases
  • Internet of Things "IoT" Integration


With the addition of an option board, the gateway can also provide:

  • Serial Data (RS232 & TTL Level)
  • Digital/Volt Free Inputs (x4)
  • Relay Outputs (x2)


RRP Price £1500.00 + vat