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hermesTRX enterprise

Product Description

With the launch of hermesTRX enterprise, hermes microcom is continuing a success story in the MOTOTRBO™ application segment. Equipped with new features such as Geo-Fencing, the integration of various digital mapping platforms and the direct connectivity for up to 16 MOTOTRBO™ base radios, hermesTRX is leading the standards in the MOTOTRBO™ application world.

Geo-Fencing has been included to add a layer of certainty to the tracking operations of the fleet. In a typical school bus scenario for example, a fleet of buses will normally operate within a strict geographic area. Should a bus cross the demarcation line, an emergency alert will inform the dispatcher and enables the dispatcher to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of the bus and its passengers. The alerts to the dispatcher cannot only be sent as a normal emergency alert but can also be sent as an email.


hermesTRX is not simply software. It is a reliable piece of hardware which is easy to access, configure and operate through a built in web-server.

Supported Modules

hermesTRX enterprise supports MOTOTRBO GPS Enhanced, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus in 2011.


  • Plug-and-Play
  • Built in web server
  • Direct connection of up to 16 voice and data MOTOTRBO™ base radios
  • Real-Time GPS based Location Tracking for up to 500 subscribers
  • Different mapping platforms for worldwide coverage
  • Voice call management and logging
  • Individual dedicated voice radios for each user
  • Web-based two-way text Messaging Service and Email Gateway
  • Instant Messaging.

Target Markets

Agriculture, Communications, Construction, Education, Finance, Government, Health Services, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail, Real Estate, Services, Transportation, Utilities, Wholesale.