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WAVE 3000 - Motorola

This product has now been cancelled and all current WAVE 3000 systems can enjoy an upgrade to a WAVE 5000 system. Please see the WAVE 5000 system for the advanced Mobile PTT application.

Product Description

Motorola’s WAVE 3000 delivers instant and secure broadband push-to-talk (PTT) communication simultaneously across MOTOTRBO™ radio users and smartphone users for small to medium businesses.

A WAVE solution enables organisations to build interoperable, highly extensible and flexible PTT communication networks that connect and extend existing Motorola two-way radio systems to broadband networks and devices, anywhere. It allows management and supervisors to stay in touch with their workers using their smartphones and tablets over any broadband IP network including Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G and reduces the need for additional costly infrastructure. WAVE 3000 is a simple to install application and functionality is provided through a dedicated WAVE 3000 server.

For an Operations Manager, WAVE 3000 offers great efficiency and flexibility. You can manage all users from the desktop program, activating or deactivating any user or facility at any time, giving complete control to facilitate communications.

The WAVE 3000 application is highly scalable and can grow alongside your business. The server supports 500 smartphone users with up to 60 simultaneous talkpaths but additional licenses can also be purchased whenever they are needed. The application can integrate with a MOTOTRBO™ system but can also be used as a standalone broadband PTT solution when radios are not required. The WAVE 3000 server manages all communications and saves all configuration credentials for the smartphone clients on the system. The WAVE 3000 application can support systems using Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus and Connect Plus connectivity.



  • Extend reach to users outside the coverage of the users existing MOTOTRBO™ radio system
  • Enhanced choice for workers who cannot carry a MOTOTRBO™ handset
  • Convenient and compact option to just carry a smart device and not an additional MOTOTRBO™ handset
  • Offers higher levels of discretion to communicate with teams
  • Increased flexibility for users that need to connect to a MOTOTRBO™ radio system or at a moment’s notice, anywhere. Particularly great for out of hours, out of office or emergencies
  • Useful for temporary contractors or staff, who can be connected easily to a radio network for their project and then disconnected when completed, with the click of a button


Features: The WAVE Mobile Communicator

The WAVE Mobile Communicator converts any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet into a secure, multi-channel PTT communications handset via the WAVE 3000 Server. Users can participate in group PTT communications with users in Two-way radio systems or other smart devices or have a private PTT call with another individual. Mapping, presence and channel activity monitoring improve situational awareness for all users.

  • Android & IOS support
  • App Style Easy to Use Program
  • Discreet Dark Software Interface
  • Uses 3G, 4G or WiFi
  • Private, Group or Multi-Group Calls
  • Connect to up to 60 Talkgroups
  • Secure Communications with each user having a unique log-in and password, AES-256 encryption between server and user device, audio, control & credentials all encrypted
  • Text Messaging Between Users/Groups communication with WAVE users even when PTT is difficult
  • Activity Indication
  • Call History
  • Unique User Profile that is Password Protected
  • Operates Over Any IP Network
  • Location Mapping and Presence Indication for Contacts that can be turned on or off


Features: The WAVE 3000 Server

The WAVE 3000 Server is the self-contained appliance that provides the WAVE 3000 solution. The server is a high capacity voice and data gateway that manages communications between smartphones and interfaces to the MOTOTRBO™ Connect Plus system. It supports up to 500 active smartphone users and 1,000 provisioning users with up to 60 simultaneous talkpaths. Configuration is through the central user interface that can be securely accessed from even remote locations.

  • Scalable Capacity
  • Secure Centralizes Provisioning
  • Secure server with a single log-in, password protection & licensing mechanism secured using SSL certificates
  • Flexible Client Management
  • Call Logging that can be Exported as CSV File for Quality Purposes
  • Control of Private Call Usage
  • Configurable Client Connectivity & Self Diagnostics
  • Simple Upgrades
  • Built-In Diagnostics


Part List

  1. GM0291B - WAVE 3000 Server
  2. HKVN4275A - Software, 3 years WAVE Server Software Maintenance
  3. HKVN4226A - WAVE 3000 User License
  4. HKVN4276A - Software, 3 years WAVE 3000 Client Software Maintenance
  5. HKVN4211A - DR3000 NAI Voice License Key
  6. HKVN4214A - MTR3000 NAI Voice License Key


Target Markets

  1. WAVE 3000 can be used with customers who have Connect Plus, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus systems
  2. Users who are not in range of a radio system but need to connect to MOTOTRBO radio system
  3. Executive users who do not want carry radios but have a need for occasional connectivity to a MOTOTRBO system
  4. Systems where broadband connectivity to a large number of talkgroups is needed
  5. Systems where there is a large variety of smartphone devices across multiple cellular carriers