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Product Description

RadioTrade has established a sole UK Partnership with Tallysman Wireless Inc in Canada to distribute and host the new RadioTrack software solution.

RadioTrack is provided through a hosted service that needs minimal set up investment and allows access to the system from a web browser anywhere in the world.

Connection of the radio system to the hosted service can be done over IP through a mobile with gateway PC or by Motorola’s NAI interface. The RadioTrack user interface is simple to use and will provide valuable information to businesses managing vehicle and mobile fleets.

With a short term rolling contract and no software purchase involved, a simple monthly fee for use of the system makes the product easy to sell and manage.




  • Web browser interface enables you to log on and manage your fleets from any Internet capable device
  • Responsive interface means it will respond to which device and format you are using
  • Program rich and intuitive, easy to master
  • Uses real time Google maps with choice of terrain
  • Shows breadcrumb trails with speed and direction
  • Can gain immediate location by sending GPS command at any time
  • Multiple fleet management
  • System indicator showing system fully functional and connected
  • Route Replay
  • Inbuilt text message function, email and status messages
  • Automatic log retrieval
  • Protocols for out of range and emergency situations
  • Emergency Alarms
  • Detailed reports including mileage, timing, busyness, summary of events that can be downloaded or pre-set to email
  • Geo-Fences
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Archiving
  • Redundancy
  • Online help section
  • Configurable settings



  • Manage mobile assets even if you are in the field
  • Increases personnel safety
  • Audit vehicle routes and workers with comprehensive reports
  • Improve operation efficiency and costs
  • Respond to customer enquiries more efficiently
  • Customers can receive these fleet management benefits without the necessity of purchasing expensive equipment or the skilled labour to manage it
  • Short-term, rolling monthly contracts
  • Program is revised and updated to keep it up to date with features



Target Markets

Fleet Management, Hospitality, Emergency Alarm Monitoring, Student Transportation, Electric/Gas Utilities, Waste Management and Mining.




Configuration Diagrams:

  1. Fixed Mobile Control Station for Simplex Systems
  2. Control Station to Repeater
  3. Direct Connect to Repeater using NAI


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RadioTrack Brochure

There are Webinars available for Dealers to learn about RadioTrack and to live demonstrate the system available in our Webinars section