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RT Connect with Mikado Telephone & Alarm Interface

Product Description

This product will allow MOTOTRBO radio users to make and receive calls over SIP, GSM and analogue lines. It will also monitor lone worker and emergency calls and notify alarms by text message or pre-recorded voice messages. This is a great feature for lone working staff. This great application will bring more MOTOTRBO features to your Clients and help grow your Motorola radio sales.


Supported MOTOTRBO Systems

  • Single MOTOTRBO repeater and/or fixed mobile
  • Suitable for single-site & multi-site deployments
  • IPSC
  • Cap+
  • Linked Cap+



  • SIP, Analogue Line and GSM Interfaces
  • Lone Worker monitoring and alarm reporting
  • Self contained teleconnect solution over GSM
  • Remote contact alarm and control
  • Voice prompts and recorded messages
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Full instructions for simple program and deploy
  • Pre-configured options for plug and play
  • Small modular design, connection via a simple cable
  • Full RadioTrade technical support


RT Connect

The RT Connect is a fully CE certified housed version of the Mikado Telephone Interconnect & Alarm Monitoring Unit. This will allow a very clean installation of the product where a cabinet is not available and the unit can be installed freestanding or screwed to a desk or wall. The unit as a whole is powered by the Motorola radio / repeater and so the only interface is connecting the unit by connector to the radio and connecting a line or data cable for the phone or internet connection. If just utilising the GSM interface, then only the connection to the radio is needed.

The housing will contain all elements of the RT Connect system including a small switch for programming purposes.

The new housing will make the whole installation process very simple and ensure that labour time is kept to a minimum. The fact that the unit does not need mains power will also help with client preparation for the installation.



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