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ZONITH Centralized Lone Worker (CLW)

Product Description

Improve both safety and efficiency with Zonith Lone Worker Protection.

Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) is a central application that regularly sends messages to staff to check if they are safe. If no-one responds, an alarm is immediately raised; automatically calling for help if the lone worker is unable to help themselves.

CLW can be set to active/de-activate based on:

  • Areas (e.g. it can be set to turn-off in a Safe Area such as a Canteen or turn-on in a Plant Room where protection is required. (Requires positioning module))
  • Manual activation from the radio
  • Manual activation from System User Interface
  • Time of day.

The CLW graphical user interface provides an overview of the Lone Worker status of each employee’s protection level. Profiles for monitoring individual users, or user groups, can be created and easily applied. This will ensure that the entire workforce is protected when they need it most.

CLW alarms can simultaneously support MOTOTRBO™ digital radios or TETRA, as well as DECT and GSM phones.

Note: CLW is a Module for use with the Zonith Alarm Control System.

Functionality Overview

Alive Check
The CLW software will send ‘Alive Check’ text messages to the radios as often as needed. Lone Workers have a fixed amount of time in which to respond to the message - if they fail to respond, an alarm is immediately raised to the support staff.

Retry Option
Lone Workers need flexibility and can’t always respond even when safe. The ’Retry’ feature gives users the option to wait for the next ’Alive Check’ without triggering an alarm.

Lone Worker Security
CLW text messages can be defined and easily changed by the administrator, guaranteeing only the right people are responding. If an incorrect message is returned, an alarm is immediately raised.

Alarm Escalation
In the event that a Lone Worker fails to respond to an ‘Alive Check’ message, CLW will automatically escalate the alarm notification to ensure that action is taken.

Additional Modules and Capability

Indoor positioning
This additional Alarm Control System (ACS)-Module enables you to locate a lone worker. If a lone worker presses the emergency button on the radio, his colleagues or Control will know where the lone worker is located as the position information is sent with the emergency call.

Safe Area
When many lone worker protection features are active at the same time they can become a nuisance when you are in a safe location (i.e. canteen or control room). Zonith Safe Area uses the Bluetooth indoor positioning to define the safe area. When the lone worker is detected in the safe area the lone worker functionality is automatically deactivated. When leaving the safe area the lone worker features will activate again.

Centralized Lone Worker (CLW)
Centralized lone worker protection eliminates one of the main single points of failure; the lone worker's radio. The control software sends a text message to the radio at a predefined interval and the lone worker must then actively reply. If no reply is received inside a predefined number of minutes, a lone worker alarm will be raised.

Man Down
This built-in radio feature (generic option board & software) will raise an alarm if the radio remains motionless or in a tilted position for a certain amount of time. The Zonith Alarm Control System monitors the Man Down alarms and provides notification if an alarm is raised.

Dead Man's Button
The built-in radio function gives an audible sound on the radio if no buttons have been touched for a preset time interval. If the lone worker does not react by pressing a button, an alarm is raised. The Alarm Control System monitors the lone worker and provides notification if an alarm is raised.

At the core of all the Zonith Lone Worker Safety features is the Zonith Alarm Control System. It is extremely well suited for lone worker safety. Not only is it a safe and reliable system, it makes lone worker tasks a lot easier by sending all the information they need directly to the hand held radio. Result: A more efficient workplace.

Target Markets

Every UK business is under obligation to ensure that employees are protected from risk of injury through appropriate risk assessment and corresponding action. Lone working is potentially hazardous and therefore will be of interest to all businesses where they have employees that are operating in remote areas or places where they could be injured and unable to summon help.