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ZONITH Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Product Description

The ZONITH Indoor Positioning System (IPS) Application uses a network of Bluetooth Beacons. Beacons are connected to a LAN and transfer information about the location of Bluetooth devices to a central computer. ZONITH IPS is the only solution that supports ‘real time’ indoor positioning without affecting radio network performance. The Beacons can be tuned to cover small or wide areas throughout a building.

This system does not require a Generic Option Board in the radio. Bluetooth side adapters are also available.


ZONITH IPS displays the location of each radio user on a graphical interface. Control room staff can move throughout maps and floor plans to locate people. Control room staff and radio users are instantly notified of a person’s location when they press the MOTOTRBO™ emergency button.

Supported Modules

Direct, Conventional Repeater, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus.


  • Indoor positioning system uses a LAN to transfer in building positions of Bluetooth devices.
  • Logs and records all movements in ‘real time’ on a central computer.
  • Tracks any Bluetooth device, including radios, mobile phones and body-worn tags.
  • Presents in building radio locations on a browser based graphical display.
  • Notifies colleagues of a staff member’s location when the emergency button is pressed.
  • Supports ‘Safe Area’ to automatically activate Centralized Lone Worker services on the radio.
  • Uses ‘Geo Fencing’ to send alarms if people enter or leave known locations.

Target Markets

Utilities, Natural Resources, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Education.