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DP1400 Option Price Change

Added 24.10.13

Motorola has issued an important Price Change Notification for a number of radio options and accessories.

The Price Change brings marked savings on the Li-Ion battery options for the DP1400 radio (coming into effect on 11th November) as well as some notable increases to mobile accessory pricing (10th December).

DP1400 Option Price Changes

Part No. Description Current RRP New RRP Date of Change
QA03715AA Add: DP Batt Std Li-Ion 1600T  £28  £16 11/11/13
QA03716AA Add: DP Batt Std Li-Ion 2300T  £34  £23 11/11/13
QA03726AA Del: Charger £-28 £-25 10/12/13

Please click here to view the full Notification, detailing all of the options and accessories affected.