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Last Remaining Stock of Cancelled Radios CP040 and GP344R UHF

Added 26.03.15

We have a limited quantity of the cancelled radio, CP040 UHF and the GP344R UHF, available at special pricing. 

The Models available are:

  1. Motorola CP040 UHF 4CH - 3 Pieces
  2. Motorola CP040 UHF 16CH - 20 Pieces
  3. Motorola GP344R UHF - 34 Pieces



For those Dealers requiring the GP344R (non-rugged version) we are able to ship the GP344R with the standard GP344 battery and this will then provide a good alternative. (Please note that the GP344R is not submersible if shipped with the standard GP344 battery.)

Please call us at RadioTrade for more details