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Why Buy Motorola Batteries?

Added 17.06.14

Motorola original batteries are “Proven Tough” for reliability and performance. Motorola's Design Engineers draw on vast experience from radio-user feedback, thousands of hours of simulation and testing, and years of real-life usage that enables them to design energy solutions which can be trusted to perform when needed.

Motorola original batteries feature:

  • Heavier duty casings
  • Sturdier internal circuitry
  • Better shock-absorbing materials
  • Premium quality cells

...All adding up to give reliable, high-performing energy solutions that can withstand the electrical shocks and physical bumps and drops they will encounter in every-day use.

In addition, all Motorola batteries and chargers are tested with Motorola radios as a complete system to ensure they comply with all the relevant regulatory standards set out by the ETSI, European Union and local laws.

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"A radio is only as reliable as the battery that powers it"