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Operations Critical Accessories Offer

Added 06.08.13

Announcing the new MOTOTRBO Operations Critical Bluetooth Wireless Accessories promotion...

Part No. Description Normal RRP Offer RRP
PMLN5712B Operations Critical Wireless Adapter £95 £76
NNTN8191C Fast PTT module without Charger £160 £118
NTN2572A Wireless Earpiece with 12" cable £180 £112
NNTN8295A Wireless Earbud, 1 Wire, 116cm length £35 £32

MOTOTRBO Operations Critical Wireless Bluetooth earpieces offer flexible solutions that fit business challenges perfectly. The portfolio includes lightweight, high-performing earpieces, a wireless Push-To-Talk (PTT) module that can be put in a pocket and a Bluetooth adaptor for DP3000 Series radios.

Valid from 6th August until 10th January 2014. Quoted prices exclude VAT and delivery. Prices correct at time of article publication.