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RadioTrade-In Promotion

Added 22.10.12

This new promotion allows you to get a discount off the purchase of a new radio, whilst disposing of old models in an environmentally friendly way: trade in an old radio to get £££'s off your purchase of selected MOTOTRBO radios.

Motorola Professional / Commercial Series radios AND other manufacturers' hand-portable business radios are all eligible for trade in as long as they show signs of life/aren't dead (please see the below Terms & Conditions).

Description Model Trade In:
Motorola Professional /
Commercial Series portables
or other PMR radios (off RRP)
Portable plain DP4400, DP4401 -£30.00
Portable plain DP2400 -£25.00
Portable LKP DP4600, DP4601 -£35.00
Portable LKP DP2600 -£30.00
Portable Display DP4800, DP4801 -£40.00

Promotion T&Cs:

  • The Trade-in programme applies only for new orders placed between 22/10/12 - 07/12/12 inclusive, with a Ship Date on or before 13th December 2012. Current outstanding orders cannot be cancelled & re-booked.
  • Participation in this programme by ordering trade-in options indicates an acceptance of its terms & conditions.
  • The trade-in must be ordered at time of radio order placement.
  • PMR 446, amateur, or other non-licensed hand-portable or mobile radios or base stations are not eligible for trade-in.
  • Only one hand-portable radio can be traded-in against one new MOTOTRBO portable radio.
  • One portable radio must be returned for every trade-in option purchased.
  • If the traded-in radios are not returned within 4 weeks of placing the order, or the quantity of returned radios is less than the number of trade-in options ordered, Dealers will be retrospectively invoiced for the missing radios multiplied by the maximum trade-in value on the order. In addition Dealers will not be allowed to continue to take part in this programme.
  • Trade-in hand-portable radios must be returned with their associated battery & antenna.
  • The radio, when switched on, must show signs of life by either some audible or visual indication e.g. LED, display or power-up beep. Radios that are dead or that have been heavily cannibalised will not be eligible for trade-in. Any dead or heavily cannibalised radios that are received will be discounted & the Dealers will be retrospectively invoiced. Dealers may also be removed from the programme.
  • The Dealer is responsible for the return of the trade-in radios within the 4 week period.
  • Orders that take advantage of this promotion must show the number of radios to be ordered & the corresponding number of radios to be traded-in.