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New SL4000 Series High Capacity Battery & Chargers

Added 02.04.14

Motorola has launched a new High Capacity Battery (2200mAh) for use with the SL4000 and SL4010 radios.  The battery provides a much better charge capacity than the existing 1800mAh battery and will help to cover those longer work-shifts.

The new battery is slightly thicker than the existing options and therefore requires a new battery cover and new desk top chargers. Please note, the new desk top tri-charger and multi-way charger replace the current versions and thus will charge all the batteries. Older style tri-unit and multi-way chargers will not charge the new 2200mAh battery.

Part No. Description RRP
PMNN4459A 2200mAh Li-Ion Battery £38.00
PMLN6745A Ultra High Cap Battery Door Kit £13.00
PMLN6704A Tri-Unit Charger, UK Plug £62.00
PMLN6686A Multi-Unit Charger, UK Plug £341.00
QA04378AA 2200mAh Li-Ion Battery Option
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Prices correct at time of article publication.