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TRBOnet 4.4: New release for MOTOTRBO R2.3a

Added 15.07.14

Software Release R2.3a added new functionality to the Network Application Interface (NAI). To take advantage of these new capabilities, the MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions (TRBOnet PLUS and SmartPTT PLUS) have been updated with new optional modules, allowing telephone interconnect and RF Coverage maps. There have also been several other enhancements and upgrades.

TRBOnet 4.4: New release for MOTOTRBO R2.3a

  • Telephone Interconnect
  • RF Coverage Maps
  • Alarm Management with Control Panel Support
  • Mobile Geofencing
  • Route Management / Guard Tour
  • Hot Backup
  • Job Ticketing Update: tickets escalation & email/SMS notification
  • CSBK DATA (GPS) Support
  • Geocoding: retrieve street addresses associated with geographic coordinates
  • General performance improvements.

Please contact the Sales Team for more details on either Application.