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Understanding Motorola Warranty for Radios & Accessories

Added 08.04.13

The standard warranty period for Motorola accessories is 12 or 6 months from the date of delivery and for radios 12 or 24 months from delivery, depending on the model.

For clarification please see the following:

MOTOTRBO Radios including DP/DM/SL 24 months
MOTOTRBO ATEX Radios including DP 24 months
Commercial Series Radios including CP/CM 12 months
Professional Series Radios including GP/GM 24 months
Professional ATEX Radios including GP 12 months
Motorola Standard Accessories & Batteries 12 months
Motorola MagOne Accessories  6 months

Warranty periods from delivery.

For more information, please visit our Warranty pages or view the warranty options available when configuring a radio.