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Motorola Solutions: Maritime Certifications & Operations

Added 12.06.18

Motorola Solutions released some important information recently regarding maritime certifications and the use of their equipment on board vessels.

RadioTrade would like to highlight some key points within the documentation:

1. MOTOTRBO models that have received maritime certification: DP4400e UHF, DP4401e UHF, DP4600e UHF, DP4601e UHF, DP4801e UHF, DP4801e UHF, DM4400e UHF, DM4401e UHF, DM4600e UHF, DM4601e UHF, SLR5500 UHF.

2. Repeater Installation: In order to meet the applicable Maritime standards, the SLR5500 repeater must be installed with an AC filter, per repeater (part number DSFMT00FM03).

3. Configuration of Motorola Solutions equipment for Maritime deployment must incorporate allocated Maritime frequencies, a power level maximum of 2W, channel spacing considerations and GNSS settings limited to GPS navigation.


The use of Motorola Solutions products to meet the new SOLAS regulations:

The current International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations require vessels constructed on or after the 1st of July 2014 to carry at least 2 intrinsically safe portable communication devices for fire-fighter communications. SOLAS does not mandate maritime compliancy for these fire-fighter communication devices not does it mandate a specific intrinsically safe standard. Therefore, the SOLAS requirement can be fulfilled by the Motorola Solutions DP4000e UL/TIA and DP4000 Ex ATEX portables.

The full Motorola Solutions Maritime release is available to download HERE

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