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New Motorola XT400 Series Promotion - Begins Monday

Added 29.06.17

Motorola are launching an XT400 series promotion on Monday the 3rd of July, 2017. Buy 5 XT400 radios and get 1 free! The radios can be bought in multiples of 5 and Dealers will receive the corresponding number of radios free, per 5 purchased. Please note, you need to purchase 5 of the same XT model to receive another free of charge.

The promotion will be running until the 31st of December, 2017 and these 4 models are included:

Part Number Description
RMP0166BHNAA XT420 Non-Display
RMP0166BHNAA XT420 Non-Display & Chgr
RMP0166BDNAA XT460 Display
RMP0166BDLAA XT460 Display & Chgr


The website will be updated with a new option on Monday to choose for promotional units. Please note that on the website we will ask Dealers to purchase 5 radios and another will be shipped for you free of charge.

Please contact us with any questions