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New Products in Our Value Audio Range

Added 07.10.15

RadioTrade have added four new earpieces to the Value Audio range. These earpieces support the DP2000, DP3441 and the GP344 radio series.

The products are as follows:

Item Code Description Series
VADSDP2/3441 Value Audio D-Shell Earphone DP2000/DP3441
VADS344 Value Audio D-Shell Earphone GP344 Compact Analogue
VAATDP2/3441 Value Audio Acoustic Tube Earphone DP2000/DP3441
VAAT344 Value Audio Acoustic Tube Earphone GP344 Compact Analogue


These are now live on the website and available to purchase. Please click on these links to view them:

  1. DP2000 Series Value Audio
  2. DP3441 Series Value Audio
  3. GP344 Compact Series Value Audio



Please call RadioTrade for more information