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RadioTrade Additional Brands & System Components

Added 18.04.18

RadioTrade offers a wide range of complimentary system products from top manufacturers and at excellent value pricing.




Products on Offer: (links through to the website)

Procom Antennas

Procom Duplexers

Alfatronix Desktop Power Supplies, Brick Power Supplies, PowerVerters, Converters, Stabilisers

Peltor Heavy Duty Headsets, FLEX Cables & Accessories

Kilchherr Man Down Boards

IP Products

Cables & Connectors


RadioTrade offers these products at great value pricing. For example we offer the Alfatronix Motorola Desktop Power Supply for a fixed price of £95 with free delivery.

We have produced a helpful RadioTrade System Component pricebook. Please email the Sales Team for a copy. Please note the website contains all of the system components and you will need to log in to view your pricing.

Please contact us with any questions