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RadioTrade Proudly Awarded Motorola Solutions Empower Award Winner for 2nd Year in a Row

Added 26.07.18

RadioTrade is very pleased to announce they have been awarded a Motorola Solutions Empower Circle Award for outstanding performance and customer service in 2017.

This is the second year in a row winning the award and the RadioTrade team is very proud of this great achievement.

“Motorola Solutions’ Empower Circle awards recognise our best sales partners in 2017 for their dedication, performance and commitment to excellence in customer service”, said Vivienne Francis, Vice president, EMEA Channel at Motorola Solutions. “Their ability to focus on selling solutions, exceed expectations in our growth markets and drive our expansion portfolio has contributed to their success in being a trusted advisor with our mutual customers.”

Craig Calvert, Channel Sales Director at Motorola Solutions says "It's hard to believe that a year has passed since I was congratulating RadioTrade for their success in 2016 and being recognised as an Empower Circle Winner. 12 Months on and I'm delighted to be able to congratulate them yet again for another tremendous year. To win once is a great achievement, to win 2 years in a row is exceptional and is testimony to the work that Richard and his team have put in to serve the UK&I Radio Market, continuing to grow and expand their portfolio of value-add services, and focusing on supplying excellent customer service."

RadioTrade owe a great deal to the support and loyalty of the Partners and together, hope to continue the growth and successes with the Channel throughout 2018 and beyond.

RadioTrade announced the achievement in the July edition of Land Mobile magazine. Please click HERE to see the announcement, profile and to hear some feedback from some of the Channel Partners.