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Why Kirisun?

The Kirisun range is RadioTrade's Value portfolio that provides a low cost option for those budget-conscious customers.

The DP405 radio is very compact with a quality feel that should be very welcome in the market place. Supplied as standard with a 2000mAH high capacity battery, the radio will perform very well for most shift patterns. Features include Lone Worker and Emergency and its ability to use analogue and digital channels will allow for easy migration of the product into existing radio fleets.


The range currently includes the following:


Digital Radios:

  •  DP405 Portable
  •  DR600 Repeater
  •  Accessories


Market data tells us that the potential for low cost, good quality portable radios is very high. The Kirisun brand is well established and the DP405 will help support sales in this lower priced market.

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