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The VX-260 series offers a winning combination of performance and value, delivering great features for efficiency, reliability and interoperability.

The VX-260 series offers excellent audio performance, allowing for greater communication clarity, meaning you can be heard loud and clear in all situations. The series offers an abundance of signalling options such as MDC1200®, FleetSync®, DTMF, 2-tone and 5-tone capabilities providing seamless integration into an existing or mixed fleet.

An emergency alert can be programmed that will allow the user to instantly notify for help, with the push of a button. The series also has an inbuilt Lone Worker capability, that requires the user to reset a built-in timer at a predetermined interval. If this timer is not reset then the radio will automatically switch to the Emergency mode. This offers an ideal value for money solution for staff monitoring and safety while workers are alone.

The series is VOX capable with a suitable accessory and is compatible with the universal Battery System. The system takes energy interoperability to a new level by utilizing a single charger base to support multiple radio series when used with designated UNI batteries.

Please note if you wish to purchase the VHF VX-264 we still have Vertex Standard versions available here or please contact us to discuss purchasing Motorola Solutions branded VX-264 VHF


  • 128 Channels
  • 8 Groups
  • 6 programmable keys
  • 8 character alphanumeric display
  • 5/1 W Power Output
  • IP55
  • 700 mW Internal Speaker
  • CTCSS/DCS Encode & Decode
  • ANI Decode
  • Emergency Encode/Decode
  • Call alert Encode/Decode
  • Radio check Encode/Decode
  • Sel call Encode/Decode
  • Multiple scan options
  • MDC1200® ANI Encode
  • FleetSync® ANI Encode
  • DTMF ANI Encode
  • Multiple scan options
  • 2-Tone Encode/Decode
  • 5-Tone Encode/Decode
  • ARTS™
  • Emergency Mode & Alarm
  • Built-in Lone Worker timer
  • VOX capable with accessory
  • Compatible with the Universal Battery System
  • Voice inversion encryption

The basic package includes

  • Portable radio
  • Choice of Antenna
  • Li-Ion Battery or NiMH
  • Desktop Rapid Charger
  • Belt Clip
  • Accessory socket dust cover
  • User Guide incorporating safety leaflet
  • 12 months warranty

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  • AC127U502-MS

    VX-264-G6-5 (CE) 403-470MHZ

    £164.00   Select
  • AC127N501-MS

    VX-264-D0-5 (CE) 136-174MHZ

    £164.00   Select

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