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Why Vertex Standard?

Vertex Standard prides itself on manufacturing Two-Way Radios that are built to last and attractively priced. Vertex Standard radios meet strict quality requirements and undergo rigorous testing for Accelerated Life etc. The Radios are small, lightweight and ideal for those budget-conscious customers.

Motorola Solutions has announced that from January 2018, they have absorbed the Vertex Standard portoflio into the entry tier level of products. We are continuing to sell the Vertex Standard branded products, while stocks last. Selected series will be continued and rebranded as Motorola Solutions. Please see the Motorola Solutions Analogue and Digital pages.

The comprehensive range includes the following

Analogue radios:

  • VX-230 Series
  • VX-241
  • VX-260 Series
  • VX-350 Series
  • VX-450 Series
  • VX-820 Series (includes VX-820 ATEX*)
  • VX-920 Series

Digital radios:

  • EVX-260 Series
  • EVX-S24
  • EVX-530 Series
  • ​Mobiles (analogue & digital)
  • Base Stations / Repeaters (analogue & digital)
  • Accessories


Market share tells us that Vertex Standard and Motorola Solutions products continue to become more and more dominant in the market place. They are the ‘tried & tested’ solutions that end users feel comfortable with and are confident to invest in.

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