RadioTrade - Service from the Start

Formulated only for the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO PCR digital range of radios, Service from the Start offers the dealer and their customers the most comprehensive service packages available.

With all repairs carried out by Motorola Solutions, this unique offering comprises fast repair turnaround times, expert telephone technical support and access to the latest software releases; all backed by Motorola’s globally integrated services infrastructure, highly qualified support technicians and certified repair facilities.

There are three levels of service available when purchasing Service for the Start for Motorola digital radios. These can be purchased at the same time as the radio; during the radio configuration online or with the RadioTrade Customer Service Team after the initial radio purchase. Please note the SFS options are 10% cheaper when purchased as an option at the same time as the radio.

Service from the Start Levels

  • LITE

This is an extension of the normal manufacturer’s warranty; give you the same level of cover over a longer period of 3 or 5 years. It covers parts and labour and has a maximum turnaround time of 5 days (excluding transit time) instead of the usual 10 days when repaired within standard warranty.

Download SFS LITE Brochure

  • Essential

The Essential level is the same as LITE but with a turnaround time of next day (excluding transit time). Normal ‘wear and use’ repairs are also covered so if radio components are worn out through use during the contract period, they will be replaced under this cover. There is also full telephone support and software support.

Download SFS Essential Brochure

  • Comprehensive

This offers the same cover as the Essential level (hardware repair, telephone and software support) plus repairs to equipment that has failed through accidental breakage, giving enhanced peace of mind. Broken display? No problem. Cracked housing? No problem. Damaged keypad? No problem!

Service form the Start Comprehensive takes away all the worry of repair costs for the term, 3 or 5 years. Your customers can concentrate on getting the best from their products with the knowledge that repairs will be completed by Motorola quickly and efficiently. You, the Dealer, can benefit from more money in your pocket, up front, and release the need to invest in new digital test equipment. This will leave you more time to sell and build digital radio systems that will add value to your business. The turnaround time for these repairs are the same day (excluding transit time) offering the highest level of service and efficiency.

Download SFS Comprehensive Brochure

  • Other

SFS for WAVE 5000 - Although two years of Service from the Start coverage is included automatically with each WAVE 5000, this unique offering provides your customers with fast turnaround time, expert technical support and access to the latest software releases. This is the most cost-effective means to keep their WAVE 5000 up-to-date with the newest functionality that helps ensure their solution continues to run at optimal efficiency. There is a service description sheet for WAVE 5000 SFS HERE

Additionally, there are further Service from the Start packages that include provision of batteries during the extended warranty period as well as priority 2-day repair and cosmetic refurbishment.


Service from the Start Yearly Renewals

Motorola also offer the option to purchase yearly renewals for SFS, on MOTOTRBO products, upon completion of a 3 or 5 year service agreement.


Renewal SFS for the SLR5000 Repeater


Extra Resources

A specification sheet is available for Service from Start HERE or in our Downloads section and there is a handy customer presentation available HERE. (Please note the spec sheet says Motorola will collect the item for repair from the customer. As a RadioTrade Dealer, the customer in this respect is RadioTrade so all items must be returned to RadioTrade for repair.)


The complete SFS pricelist, for SFS purchased after the radio, can be download HERE. If SFS is purchased at the same time as the radio, customers can enjoy a 10% discount in RRP.

To view pricing on the relevant radio pages, please go to the relevant digital Motorola radio page and then choose the required radio model from the Purchase Options. The full radio Options will then be listed for that model. Please click on 'Warranty' to view the Service from the Start levels available and pricing.


Motorola Solutions System Support Packages

From May, 2018 Motorola Solutions are offering service support programs for MOTOTRBO Systems including Capacity Max.

The MOTOTRBO service packages are designed to provide Partners and customers with optimal network support including software updates, remote technical support, network event monitoring and optional hardware repair. 

MOTOTRBO service packages are available for Single Site, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Capacity Max Systems. The service packages are sold in 3 year time period increments. If purchased at the time of the system sale, the service package will entitle the user to a total of 5 years of support as it is provided in addition to the 2 year standard product warranty.

Existing systems with service packages are to continue as normal with the goal to renew to one of the new packages as appropriate.

Download MOTOTRBO Service Packages FAQs


Package Levels:

ESSENTIAL: This offers software updates, 8x5 remote technical support also non-technical support. There is the option to add on hardware network repairs.

Suitable for: Single Site, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Capacity Max, Dimetra Express.

Download MOTOTRBO Essential Services Datasheet

  • Additional Capacity Max Service Packages:

ADVANCED: Same as Essential plus 24x365 remote technical support for critical faults and network updates.

ADVANCED PLUS: Same as Advanced plus 24x7x365 network event monitoring.

Download MOTOTRBO Capacity Max Services Datasheet