APPLICATIONS - Motorola Capacity Max System

Capacity Max is the newest MOTOTRBO trunking system delivering a highly scalable, feature rich and secure solution. Powerful management tools offer complete system control from a single workstation. The system can run in one of three modes including an ETSI DMR Tier III compliant operation offering open standard technology that is globally supported.


Capacity Max goes beyond the core interoperability of the DMR standard and offers the most mature and well-defined DMR Tier III functionality and specialist features to support companies in optimum operations. These include applications such as Digital Emergency, call queuing prioritisation and over-the-air programming.

The preliminary feature list is exciting, offering the most mature and well defined DMR Tier III features on the market. The features of both the infrastructure and the system go above and beyond the core DMR features

Capacity Max is Tier III compliant and will support all the features defined for interoperability. The system will support other vendor infrastructure or radios from other manufacturers, offering companies the reliability of MOTOTRBO Capacity Max without the need to replace any existing components.


Centralised control is offer in Capacity Max with management software, giving command of infrastructure, devices and talk groups. Software and firmware upgrades is easy with integrated process to patch items to the system server, infrastructure and radios. The simple and efficient system architecture utilises standard Internet protocol (IP) network with a centralized server.

Security is a core component of Capacity Max and all voice, data and control traffic within the IP network is encrypted and all radios securely authenticated. There is remote disable and re-enable activation of devices, offering complete security if a radio is misplaced or stolen.

Capacity Max offers smooth scalability, making it easy to grow the system to meet growing demand. The system currently supports up to 15 sites with up to 3,000 users per sites. This is expected to grow in the near future to support up to 250 sites and then even more in future development. Up to six additional data repeaters per site dedicated to support intensive data use for texting, GPS location updates and other applications such as personnel management and alarm notifications.

Compatible with our wide portfolio of MOTOTRBO radios, you have the flexibility to tailor the solution to your operations.

The system can be further protected by optional redundant system servers, IP switches and on-site control channel repeaters can be added to ensure that no single failure can bring your system down. You can also provision up to three alternate control channels per site for ultra-high system availability.



Compatible with the DP3000e, DP4000e, DP4000 Ex, SL4000e, DM4000e Series, SLR5500, SLR8000, MTR3000, DR3000 Repeaters



Systems can be easily upgraded to Capacity Max using a simple software upgrade. Please contact us to discuss


Starter Packs

Motorola are currently offering Single Site Capacity Max starter packs

Capacity Max System Features

  • Enhanced Channel Access
  • Subscriber Authentication, Site and Channel
  • Extensibility
  • Site Trunking
  • Enhanced Registration
  • Advanced Late Etry
  • Call Alert
  • High Efficiency GPS
  • Indoor Location Tracking
  • Data Revert


Capacity Max Infrastructure Features

  • Critical Site Assessment
  • Site Restriction
  • Subscriber Access Control
  • All Start
  • Control Channel Repeater
  • Redundancy
  • Call Queue Priority (via SAC)
  • Discreet Listening
  • Enhanced Channel Access
  • Remote Repeater Programming
  • Wireline Application Interface


MOTOTRBO Radio Features

  • Emergency Call, Voice to Follow
  • Emergency Search Tone
  • Extended Text Messaging
  • Telemetry
  • Over-the-Air Programming Management
  • Enhanced Roaming
  • User-Selectable Audio Profiles
  • Voice Announcement
  • Text to Speech
  • IMPRES Energy
  • IMPRES Audio
  • Acoustic Feedback Suppressor
  • Trill Enhancement
  • Bluetooth Audio and Data
  • Man Down and Lone Worker


DMR Tier III Core Features

  • Registration
  • Group, Group Broadcast and Private Call
  • Roaming
  • Short Text Message
  • Queue Call
  • Multisite
  • AES


DMR Tier III Additional Features

  • All, Emergency, Dispatch, Telephony Calls
  • Emergency Alert
  • Packet Data
  • Text Message (standard)
  • Radio Check
  • Radio Stun/Revive
  • Radio Monitor
  • Key-based Authentication
  • Voice Interrupt
  • Call Pre-emption
  • Mass Registration
  • Late Entry
  • Talkgroup Affiliation
  • Uses ETSI DMR Tier III Compliant Operation - offering both a vast Motorola Solutions feature list plus the opportunity for open standard technology that is globally supported and can be used with multi-manufacturer products
  • Up to 3000 Users per site, up to 250 sites
  • Redundancy and multi-level resiliency
  • Ultra-high system availability
  • Highly efficient, utilizing a standard Internet protocol (IP) network with a centralised server
  • Highly secure and fully encrypted
  • High level management and monitoring features
  • Smooth Migration and upgrading
  • Use with third party applications
  • Full support offered by RadioTrade