APPLICATIONS - SmartPTT Enterprise

SmartPTT Enterprise implements complex dispatching control over MOTOTRBO networks. It is the ideal solution for networks based on MOTOTRBO repeaters and SmartPTT Enterprise offers a wide range of features.


SmartPTT Enterprise can connect directly to MOTOTRBO repeaters through IP protocol and supports data operations through MOTOTRBO Network Application Interface (NAI). The software can also be run through MOTOTRBO base stations, instead of repeaters, although there is a slightly reduced feature set.


All data and voice activities are logged, as well as which repeater and subscriber was used. Therefore it is possible to know the approximate location of the radio without the GPS receiver. It also provides the Routing Service for the MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect system, which allows the joining of multiple IP Site Connect systems into a single radio network based on pre-defined routes or dynamic routing of the private calls between networks.

Supported Systems

  • Conventional MOTOTRBO
  • Capacity Plus
  • Multi-site Capacity Plus (Linked)
  • IP Site Connect
  • Connect Plus
  • Analogue Radios
  • Telephone subscribers

Standard Features

  • Remote VoIP-based console
  • Multiple concurrent channels to telephone network
  • Dispatchers Intercommunication over VoIP
  • Radio Dispatch - Highly Customizable
  • GPS Tracking
  • Job Ticketing - assign tasks & follow completion
  • Fleet Management
  • Events & Voice Logging
  • Text Messages - exchange between dispatcher, subscribers & groups
  • Text & Data Transfer
  • Lone Worker
  • Telemetry
  • MOTOTRBO iBeacon platform support
  • Radio Check
  • Radio Kill
  • Customizable Subscriber Call Windows
  • Sound receiving from several base stations simultaneously
  • Voice calls recording in MP3 format
  • Dispatcher authorization
  • Cross-patch
  • Open Vector and Raster maps, Google Map, MapPoint support
  • Movement track visualization and animation
  • Email Gateway
  • Reports
  • Set Rules & Alerts to Optimise Work
  • Database back-up and restore


Optional Features

  • Telephone Interconnect - make calls between radio & telephone
  • Direct IP Connection
  • Monitoring - Real-time Coverage & Performance
  • Radio Network Bridging of Seperate Networks into Single Comms
  • Web-Client - Access MOTOTRBO System from any PC
  • Simulcast - Support for Radio Activity Simulcast Base Stations
  • Mobile Solutions - Call & Text to MOTOTRBO Radio System using Smartphone or Tablet


Differentiating Features

Custom Console: Highly customisable control stations and user interfaces – customise the home console so your necessary items are there straight away for you to use – increase dispatcher efficiency. Create a combination of any set of radio information. Spread the information onto multiple screens or a projector or use a touchscreen.

SmartPTT File Transfer: is the freeware application to transfer files through the radio channel based on MOTOTRBO radios. SmartPTT File Transfer is specially designed for effective data transmission taking into account the limitations of the connection provided by MOTOTRBO.




  • Direct control over MOTOTRBO sites which improves control of the radios including logging all data and voice activity
  • Optimized architecture that allows effective dispatching system of any size and topology
  • Cost effective due to the server infrastructure and system monitoring provides opportunity for maintenance and streamlining cost savings
  • Can support both digital and analog MOTOTRBO radios, offering a mixed mode of communication and operation
  • Rapid deployment - the application requires significantly less infrastructure than others. It also doens't require control stations or radio servers to monitor the network.
  • Easily scalable
  • Breaks the limit of 15 repeaters per MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect
  • Full support offered by RadioTrade