Introducing the DP1400 and DM1400

Motorola has launched a selection of new radios, completing the MOTOTRBO digital portfolio and catering for all needs and requirements.

Please see our latest emailer for product information**. The new radios and accessories will be added to RadioTrade Online (ROL) shortly, along with the Spec. Sheets and supporting literature. In the meantime, please contact us for more details and to order. 

Product position in the MOTOTRBO portfolio

Entry - Voice only - DP1000 Series (DP1400) NEW!
Mid - Voice & basic systems - DP2000 Series
High - Voice, enhanced data, systems, apps & features - DP4000 Series, SL Series, DP3441
ATEX - Certified for use in hazardous areas - DP Ex

Entry - Voice only - DM1000 Series (DM1400 & DM1600*) NEW!
Mid - Voice, data, systems & apps - DM2000 Series (DM2600*)
High - Voice, enhanced data, systems, apps & features - DM4000 Series

* - Not available in the UK.

The DP1400 (UHF and VHF) and DM1400 VHF radios will be in stock soon. Please place your orders now. The DM1400 UHF will be released later this month.

Motorola has also launched DM1600 and DM2600 mobile radios (covered in this morning's Product Launch Webinar as well). However, these radios are NOT going to be made available to the UK market (announced post-webinar). Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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