DP2000 & DP4000 Series Update

The latest DP2000 & DP4000 series digital radios from Motorola are very much available & selling well. For those of you considering these products for your Clients, don’t forget that the upgrade path to these radios is very simple. See the following details.

DP4000 Series
The DP4000 Series (DP4400, 4600, 4800 & '01' versions) utilises the same chargers as the DP3400 & DP3600 (incl. '01' versions). They also utilise the same audio accessories so you can sell the DP4000 series into existing Clients & only have to be concerned about the different battery & cases that it uses.

Please note, however, that the DP4000 series will not accommodate the public safety mic as the RF is not routed to the accessory socket.

The benefits for your customers in upgrading to DP4000 are significant:

  • Bluetooth capability in '01' versions
  • Medium Tier level handset with menu keypad & display
  • Full colour display on the high tier DP4800/01 keypad radios
  • Over the air programming (OTAP) in future release firmware.

DP2000 Series
The DP2000 (DP2400 & DP2600) utilises the same chargers as the DP3400 & DP3600 (incl. '01' versions). However the accessory connector is different so you will need to consider this along with batteries & cases etc.

The benefits of the DP2000 series are again significant:

  • Lower pricing on the standard models
  • Smaller radio than DP3000 series
  • Quick release audio accessories that do not require a coin/screwdriver
  • 'Non-keypad' & 'menu-keypad' with display models.


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