Fleet Management Bundle Offer

The initial costs of IMPRES software is a shrewd investment that pays back overtime. This special offer gives a reduction on the list price of the Battery Fleet Management System components.

The bundle on offer consists of:

  • 3x Fleet Management Charger Interface Units (NNTN7677A)
  • 1x Assembly Kit IMPRES Battery Data Reader (NNTN7392A)
  • 1x Fleet Management Licence Key (HKVN4037A)

IMPRES Battery Fleet Management software automatically collects critical data from IMPRES batteries when they are inserted into an IMPRES charger, analyses the information and displays how "healthy" the battery is. This allows the user to predict when the battery will no longer meet requirements so they can quickly and efficiently determine when to replace it. The pro-active management of battery fleets can lead to improved user experience and prolonged battery lifetimes, resulting in reduced costs.

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