Motorola's Industrial Noise Cancelling RSMs

Motorola's new Industrial Noise Cancelling (INC) RSMs are must-have accessories for people working in  noisy and dirty environments.

NNTN8382 - Submersible INC RSM, IP57 - RRP £167
NNTN8383 - INC RSM with Audio Jack, IP54 - RRP £200

The RSMs are designed to work in extremely noisy environments, have a rugged construction and are compatible with both the DP3000 and DP4000 Series radios.

If your customers are operating in the following business sectors, there may be a good sales opportunity for these RSMs.

  • Manufacturing plants - machinery noise is no longer an issue
  • Construction sites - around heavy equipment and jackhammers
  • Food processing plants
  • Automotive sites
  • Welding plants
  • Power plants
  • Mills
  • Utility installations
  • Large crowds and more.

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