Intent to Cancel DMR Accessories

Motorola have issued a cancelation for the following accessories as they are consolidating the accessories on offer for DMR radios.

Radio To Be Cancelled Part Number Description Alternative Part Number Description
CP/DP1400 Series NNTN4497CR Batt LiIon 2190T PMNN4254 Batt LiIon 2300T
CP/DP1400 Series NNTN4970A Batt LiIon 1600T PMNN4253 Batt LiIon 1600T
DM4000 GPN6145B Mobile Radio PSU 138W HPN4007D Power Supply 14V 15A


The alternative products are available now. The last order for the cancelled products is 7th July 2015 and the last shipment date is the 14th July, 2015.


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