Intent to Cancel Notifications & Price Change

Motorola has released two "Intent to Cancel" Notifications for the following items:

Part No. Description
GMTN6356B Bluetooth Kit including PTT Pod, Earpiece w/12in cable, Charger *
WPLN4212A Impres Multi Unit Charger - US plug
WPLN4219A Impres Multi Unit Charger w/display - US plug
RLN6305B XTNI High Cap Li-Ion Battery

* - These items can now be purchased separately.

For timescales & available alternatives please download the Notifications:

Intent to Cancel: Two-Way Radios and Accessories
Intent to Cancel: Business Light

A Recommended Retail Price Change Notification has also been issued for the following ATEX Carry Cases:

Part No. Description Old RRP New RRP
GMLN1110B Hard Leather Carry Case Keypad £19.00 £22.00
GMLN1111B Hard Leather Carry Case Non-Keypad £17.00 £21.00
GMLN1112B Soft Leather Carry Case Keypad £7.00 £14.00
GMLN1113B Soft Leather Carry Case Non-Keypad £7.00 £13.00

These changes are effective as of 15th November 2012.

Pricing information correct at time of article publication.


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