MOTOTRBO Software Release R2.2a

The latest MOTOTRBO Software Release, 'R2.2a' (R02.02.10), adds several enhancements and  improvements, including:

  • Network Application Interface (NAI) that enables voice consoles and data gateways to transmit and receive calls directly through the repeater.
  • Acoustic Feedback Suppressor detects and suppresses acoustic feedback which can occur when transmitting and receiving radios are close together.
  • Microphone Distortion Control automatically adjusts microphone gain to reduce audio distortion (DP4000 and DP4000 Ex only).
  • Windows 8 support for MOTOTRBO Programming Software and tools.
  • DC Power Cutback for MTR3000 allows the repeater to operate at a different output power when operating in battery revert mode.
  • Group Text Message Tone provides the ability to configure an alert tone for group text messages.

Please visit the Software Downloads page for the latest Motorola and Vertex Standard downloads (please note this is a restricted-access area).


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