Motorola Mag One Earpieces

Further to Motorola's launch of the new, low-cost Mag One Swivel Earpiece (PN: PMLN5975A), we are pleased to announce that a range of Mag One earpieces has been launched. The earpieces, designed for use with the DP3000 Series radios, are the only value-priced accessories tested and certified by Motorola for use with their two-way radios.

Please click here for a PDF detailing the full range.

PMLN5973A - MagOne Ear-Receiver with In-Line Mic & PTT - £18.00
- MagOne Lightweight Headset with PTT - £25.00
- MagOne Swivel Earpiece with Mic/PTT - £24.00
- MagOne Earset with In-Line Mic & PTT - £20.00
- MagOne Earbud with In-Line Mic & PTT - £16.70

Prices quoted exclude VAT & delivery. Prices correct at time of article publication.

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