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A new software version (R2.2) brings a number of additional features to the Motorola DMR digital portfolio as follows:

  • Linked Capacity Plus network capability is enhanced from 5 site capability to 15 site capability.
  • It is now possible to restrict radio access to your digital radio system (DR3000), improving radio network security.
  • The new Motorola DP4000 EX radios can now be programmed with the internal ‘Man Down’ feature.

Other product news:
Due out Q1 2013

  • A new single unit charger for the SL4000 radio. This new charger is multi-function & will allow simultaneous charge of a radio, spare battery & Bluetooth accessory.
  • A DP2000 / DP4000 Series travel charger that will charge a radio with battery fitted or a standalone battery.

Due out Q2 2013

  • Launch of a new wireless earpiece for the digital series radios & at a lower price than the current model available. More details to follow soon.
  • A new ATEX heavy duty headset for the DP4000 EX models.

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