New Network Application Interface Licence Keys

Motorola has now introduced Network Application Interface (NAI) licence keys for the DR3000 / MTR3000 when direct connecting applications such as TRBOnet to base stations on Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus radio systems. The ‘direct connect’ is over IP rather than using radios for the TX path from the application into the base stations.

There are two NAI licences for each base station, one determined as a Voice NAI key and one determined as a Data NAI key. All base stations on the system that are connected need the relevant licences. The important point to note is that ARS and Text messaging are deemed as data and hence any repeater in the system handling voice and ARS / Text messaging will require both the Voice and Data NAI licence keys.

The official words from Motorola are as follows:
All Voice Capable repeaters at the site must have their “Network Application Interface for Voice/CSBK” feature enabled.
All repeaters at the site must also have their “Network Application Interface for Data” feature enabled (note: ARS and text messaging are both data features).

For those repeaters in the system that are pure data (perhaps for GPS) and no voice, then these will only need the NAI data key.

Relevant Part Numbers:

Part No. Description RRP
HKVN4211A DR3000 NAI for Voice/CSBK - Licence Key £270
HKVN4212A DR3000 NAI for Data - Licence Key £670
HKVN4214A MTR3000 NAI for Voice/CSBK - Licence Key £270
HKVN4215A MTR3000 NAI for Data - Licence Key £670

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