Introducing the New SL1600 MOTOTRBO Radio

We are delighted to announce the new SL1600 entry-level MOTOTRBO Radio.

The new radio can be used in analogue or digital mode and features an innovative display which is under the case to prevent scratching. The radio also benefits from Range Max which extends the radio's range.

SL1600 Features

  • UHF and VHF
  • Can be used in analogue or digital mode
  • 99 channel capacity
  • New innovative Active View Display
  • Non-keypad
  • Micro USB Connectivity
  • Up to 14.6 hours battery life (digital)
  • Advanced technology: louder audio, longer range, lower maintenance
  • Ultra-slim (125.7 x 55 x 22 mm)
  • IP54
  • Rugged and reliable.

The UHF version is due to be launched at the end of October and the VHF version will become available early-November.

Please look out for an email inviting you to register for the official SL1600 Launch Webinar which will have further information about the new radio.

Pricing has not yet been released.

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