SMC Gateway - We are very pleased to become an Appointed Distributer

We are very pleased to announce that RadioTrade has been appointed a UK Distributor for the new SMC Gateway. This versatile device enables us to add great value as it can be programmed to receive, send and find information that can be sent to any number of communication devices.

The SMC Gateway  can connect  to Radio Systems, GSM, VOIP Phones, Fire Alarm systems, GPIO contacts etc. It allows applications to be built using the simple and intuitive workflow editor and ‘the sky really is the limit’ on the capability provided by this very clever box or electronics.

• Alarm monitoring and updating.
• Retrieving web site data and relaying to mobile devices.
• Ability to perform logical decisions within the programming. Yes / No / If / Range / Contains etc.
• Integration with Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems.

RadioTrade can provide In-House training and assistance with flow programming in addition to programming ideas.

Idea 1: For those of you working with Marinas, would they be interested in a device that could easily send tide times out to boat owners mooring within the marina when they needed it. Simply install a Gateway at the Marina, connected to the internet and programmed to visit the local tide time website. Connect a GSM dongle to a USB connection on the gateway. The Marina provides boat owners the GSM number of the dongle and gets them to text ‘Tides’ to the number. The gateway will see the text message and their mobile number, read the word ‘Tides’, and then gather the up to date info from the website. The dongle will then send a text message back to the boat owner with the latest tide information. Maybe the Gateway could offer the wind speed and direction at the same time as it will carry out multiple functions.

Please call for more details or see the SMC Gateway Applications page for more detailed features

RRP Price £1500.00 + vat


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