Saved Basket Function

RadioTrade Online (ROL) now features a Saved Basket facility. This means you can add items to your basket and then save them for later. Simply click to save your basket and give it a name. Saved baskets can then be accessed from the Account page (when logged-in).

Save your Basket to...

  • Go away for lunch, come back later, finish the basket off (adding or removing items) and proceed to purchase.
  • Have regularly ordered items ready in your basket to save time.
  • Quickly view pricing for items you quote for regularly.

If you have any questions or would like guidance on using the Saved Basket function, please ring the team on 01256 40 60 50. We will be happy to help.

Saved Basket prices are updated automatically. When first using the facility, you may need to press CTRL+F5 (at the same time) for the pop-up Name Box to display correctly (this refreshes your web browser).


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