Less than Three Weeks!

Less than Three Weeks to go - Switch to MOTOTRBO™

Motorola's Commercial Series CP040 portable radios will be phased out on 10th November 2014.

The replacement DP1400 radio can be operated in analogue mode to match the performance of the CP040 or in digital mode to deliver the advantages of MOTOTRBO:

  • DMR signalling for double call capacity
  • Pre-programmed text messaging
  • Voice announcement
  • and more.

The DP1400 is an ideal entry-tier device. It allows teams to communicate and is fully compatible with existing radio fleets. Please click here to view a radio comparison/ CP phase out document; this file is ideal for passing on to your clients.

Exclusive Price Match Offer

To aid the migration and make the transition pain-free, we have reduced the price of the DP1400 Analogue Radio to match the CP040 price!

Order your DP1400 Analogue Radios for the SAME PRICE as the CP040 Analogue Radio - RRP £175 with NiMH Battery and Charger

Offer available until further notice.

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