New Vertex Standard eVerge Radios

Vertex Standard is launching a brand-new radio today:  the EVX-531. This digital radio (non-display)  is the first of three radios, forming the new EVX-530 Series. The Series will also incorporate a menu-keypad, display radio - the EVX-534 - and a full keypad, display radio - the EVX-539. The radios are part of Vertex Standard's new eVerge™ product range.

The EVX-530 Series:

  • Conversion made easy with Analogue Integration
  • Stay compatible and maximise efficiency
  • Better radio call quality
  • Better battery life
  • Better message control and privacy
  • Better coverage and connection monitoring with ARTS II™
  • Submersible and weatherproof
  • Intrinsically Safe Option
  • Option board expandable for additional Applications.

For those Dealers looking to top-up or start their own digital hire fleets, the EVX-531 is the ideal candidate. Small, light and robust, we see this competitively priced radio providing a fast return on investment.

eVerge™ Mobiles and Repeaters are also due for launch in the near future. We will keep you updated with details.

EVX-531 (UHF & VHF) - RRP £275.00

Contact us now to place your orders; stock will be arriving shortly.

Price quoted excludes VAT and delivery. Price correct at time of article publication.


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