Announcing the New DP3441

The DP3441 radio is available to order (UHF and VHF). This compact, rugged digital radio is positioned to replace the GP344 compact analogue radio.

For ease of upgrade, the DP3441 radio takes the same chargers as the GP344/GP340 radios so this will help customers that want to migrate. The audio accessories are the same as the DP2000 series.

Other important features include:

  • Lone Worker
  • IP67 Waterproof for harsh environments
  • 5-Tone in analogue mode to aid migration
  • 32 Channel

The list price for this exciting new product is £470.00 with charger and carry holder, and there is a Bulk Buy option available, further reducing costs.

Stock is due very soon and we will be offering some competitive pricing on demo kits for those that want to get these exciting new radios in front of their customers. So if you want to go ahead and place an order, please contact us for details on the radio models and options available. A full range of accessories are also available.

Price correct at time of article publication.

Article updated: 09/07/13


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