Capacity Max is Launching: 23rd May 2016

Motorola has announced today that Capacity Max will be launching next Monday, the 23rd of May, 2016. RadioTrade believe pricing, launch packs and resources will be available from Monday but in the meantime, the main points of information are:

Overview: Capacity Max is the next generation trunking solution from Motorola. It will currently offer trunking for up to 15 sites (though this will increase in the future) with up to 3000 users. It offers a scalable solution for customers between Capacity Plus and Connect Plus systems with the option to upgrade existing systems. It offers customers the chance to continually increase capacity and scale and offers improved features, management and monitoring. It offers a DMR Tier III mode of operation. The system offers multi-level resiliency so there is no single point of trunking failure.

1. Capacity Max will be available on MOL from Monday the 23rd of May, and demo/launch packs will be released offering Dealers the chance to purchase the system at a reduced price.

2. Capacity Max will work with the old and new generation of MOTOTRBO products. To confirm these are:

Portables: DP3441/DP3441e, DP4000/DP4000e Series, SL4000/SL4000e Series.

Mobiles: DM4000/DM4000e Series

Repeaters: MTR 3000, SLR5000 Series, DR3000 Series (Note: 32 MB version only), SLR8000 (Coming soon)


3. Capacity Max will support MOTOTRBO dispatch consoles: SmartPTT Plus, TRBOnet PLUS, & Telephony using Smart SIP technology.


4. Capacity Max will support the broad range of applications of the MOTOTRBO ADP program & the WAVE solution will be added in the near future.


5. There are 3 modes of Capacity Max operation:

5.1: Advantage Mode: Combining MOTOTRBO infrastructure and radios, this will offer the customer all the valuable features.

5.2: Open System Mode: MOTOTRBO Infrastructure with the option of mixed MOTOTRBO & 3rd party radios.

5.3: Open Radio Mode: 3rd party infrastructure with mixed MOTOTRBO & 3rd party radios. This is the DMR Tier III certified mode of operation.

Please note that Motorola cannot guarantee that all of the features will be available if 3rd party infrastructure is used as other companies may not support the same features.


RadioTrade will send further information and resources to Dealers when they are available.

The Capacity Max datasheet is available to download HERE and in our brochure section


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