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Did you Know: TRBOnet PLUS Telephone Interconnect (SIP10 / SIP20)

Added 11.11.19

Did you know that for IPSC, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus radio systems, there is a standalone telephone interconnect module available from the TRBOnet PLUS portfolio?

There are two versions which are called SIP10 and SIP20. The name reflects the maximum number of incoming lines that you can interconnect to the radio system. The product also provides voice recording so all the telephone calls into the systems are recorded.

The module does not require the TRBOnet Plus core software, a connectivity module or subscriber licenses.

The software is very versatile, allowing calls to individual radio users, groups or the dispatcher. It works and is set up in exactly the same way as the standard telephone interconnect module for TRBOnet systems.

Give RadioTrade a call and we can TeamViewer some of the features from our live system.