DP3661e Launch Packs & Resources Now Available

The DP3661e is a display and limited keypad version of the popular DP3441e. The display and keypad allows users to send and receive text messages, view a battery life status, perform front panel programming, offer a notification list and complete channel and radio settings. The radio also offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GNSS, TIA certification, an IP68 rating and a full fleet of accessories including a high capacity battery.


Launch Packs

Dealers can order a pair of DP3661e radios in either VHF or UHF with options and license keys at a very reduced price. If you wouldl ike an order form then please contact us


Resources Now Available

Please click on the links below to download

DP3441e / 3661e Data Sheet

DP3661e Highlights Sheet

DP3661e Launch Presentation

DP3441 / DP3441e / 3661e Acessory Guide

DP3441 / DP3441e / DP3661e Basic Service Manual

DP3441 / DP3441e / DP3661e Quick Reference Guide

New Motorola Radio Matrix Including DP3661e

These resources can all be found in our website Resources section too

The DP3661e radios are live and available to purchase on our website HERE and are currently enjoying a £41 cashback.

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